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Before you begin, please review the course disclaimer.  


Also, please take this opportunity to adjust your audio and locate a headset if one is available.  


If you need accommodations, please review the accessibility information.  


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State Ethics Commission

Commonwealth of Massachusetts



Use Headset (if available)

If available, we recommend you use headphones to avoid disturbing colleagues
and to minimize distractions during the training. Headsets for PCs (and laptops)
typically use standard audio connection  (3.5 mm stereo jack plug which is
compatible with most MP3 players and iPhones) so you can probably use
your personal headphones or earbuds if you prefer.  You can plug into the jack
plug in the front of your PC or laptop (look for Green plug or headset icon).

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Disclaimer: The information presented in the program provides general information about the conflict of interest law and the compliance requirements. The information in this program is not designed to be a substitute for legal advice and should not be viewed as constituting legal advice. If you encounter a conflict of interest situation, you are urged to contact the Ethics Commissions Legal Division at 617-371-9500 to obtain specific advice about your situation.

Turn Off Pop-up Blockers

All Pop-up Blockers must be turned off.
In Internet Explorer, click the
Tools drop-down menu; then select Pop-up Blocker. If Pop-up Blocker is on, click Turn Off Pop-up Blocker. If you are running another browser, refer to the Help option for that browser.

Adjust Audio

         Please set your computer volume
control now to a comfortable level.  
(Contact your PC support
organization for assistance)

Accessibility Information
This course is fully narrated, and a complete transcript is available.  Click the Mute button below or enter Ctrl Alt M on your keyboard if you wish to mute the course audio and read at your own leisure or have a screenreader do the narration for you. To un-mute the audio at any time during the course, click the Unmute button or enter Ctrl Alt U on your keyboard.   For more accessibility information, enter Ctrl Shift A.  

View Script Option
To view the narration script, click the Script tab on the left, or enter Ctrl Alt S.

When you are ready to begin, click the Next arrow button.